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The Raw Beauty Project : Our Mission

The Raw Beauty Project is an innovative art platform that celebrates women with disabilities to empower, educate and inspire change.

Wendy Crawford, advocate for differently-abled women, Ginny Dixon, an award winning photographer and Dr. Susan Solman collaborated to create the Raw Beauty Project, which was inspired by another exhibit that they worked on together in 2006, in Miami, Florida.

The Raw Beauty Project made its debut on September 20, 2014 at ACA Galleries in New York City. This impactful, empowering exhibit has resonated with media across the world, igniting a global conversation and has been featured in "O", Oprah Magazine,, Huffington Post, as well as many publications across Europe.

The Raw Beauty Project continues to expand in other cities, encouraging all to EMBRACE THEIR BEAUTY, OWN THEIR POWER and CREATE CHANGE!

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~ Oprah Magazine


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Highlighted by the remarkable talent of artists with disabilities, Raw Beauty Project is showcasing powerful women with limited mobility who are unstoppable in their lives, however are stopped in accessing basic healthcare.

Our vision is for all to be ABLE to obtain equal and accessible healthcare.

UNSTOPABLE is an educational tool promoting inclusivity, diversity and change. Presentations available.

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